About Brass Butterflies

Brass Butterflies is the premiere pole dancing and aerial arts studio in the Waterloo Region of Ontario, Canada, offering progressive pole, aerial silks, and aerial hoop curriculums to a diverse community of adventure seekers, fitness enthusiasts and expressive, creative individuals.  

Pole and aerial arts are both athletic and artistic endeavours.  Using a vertical bar apparatus (pole), suspended fabric (aerial silks or hammock) or suspended steel hoops (aerial hoop or Lyra), we condition and strengthen our muscles, improve our flexibility and express ourselves creatively while soaring and spinning through the air.

Our pre-registered, small group classes offer accountability in a supportive and welcoming environment where students can get to know each other and their instructors.  Our studio community is warm, welcoming and inclusive. Truly, everyBODY is welcome here.

At Brass Butterflies, we exist to help every person who walks through our doors to find their own unique and colourful wings, and take flight as part of our kaleidoscope.

Over half a decade, Brass Butterflies’ instructors have taught more than a thousand students.  With instructors trained and certified through the Canadian Pole Fitness Association, Ecole Nationale du Cirque, and CanFit Pro, among other reputable industry organizations, we uphold a standard of excellence in safety, instruction, ongoing education and innovation.