About Our Classes

Brass Butterflies takes an alternative approach to group fitness.  Pole and Aerial Fitness are at the core of what our studio offers.  Students gain confidence as they build physical strength, flexibility and endurance.  We teach pole dancing and aerial arts in progressive curriculums with material to challenge the absolute beginner to the elite competitor and every level in between.  Students are encouraged to work at their own pace in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere.  

Please see our Curriculum Class SchedulePricingPolicies and FAQ pages for more information.

For individual class descriptions, please see the weekly schedule and click on individual classes to read their descriptions.


Pole And Aerial Curriculum Classes

Our Pole and Aerial Curriculums are taught in progressive levels.  The skills in each level are covered over a term of classes (usually 8 weeks) with different material covered each week and lots of review of foundational moves to develop muscle memory and confidence.  After the Intro levels, students will typically take two or more sessions to build strength and master the core moves in each level before moving on.  Instructors may introduce new non-core skills, progressions and combos from session to session for variety.  

Students will be required to demonstrate a checklist of foundational skills learned in each level before moving on to the next level.  Progressing to the next level should always be done in week 1 of a session.  Pole Curriculum Classes include Introduction to Pole, Beginner Pole, Intermediate Pole , Advanced Pole, Master Class Pole, Masters Elite Pole.   Aerial Curriculum Classes include Intro to Aerials (mixed apparatus), then Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced in either Aerial Silks or Hoop (Lyra).  Split classes (for example Advanced/Masters Pole) will cover both levels listed and welcome students working at either level. Split classes listed with a number, such as Advanced 2/Masters, are open to students at those specific levels of progression. A 2 in pole means you’ve taken that entire level at least once and a 1 means you’re taking that level for the first time. Levels 1 & 2 within the aerial curriculum are more clearly defined and have separate checklists so a student could potentially still be in sublevel 1 of a level, even if they’ve taken that level multiple times.

Non-Curriculum Classes

Our non-curriculum selection of classes has been developed to supplement and complement our core curriculum programs.  With options to aid students in developing flexibility, conditioning, endurance, musicality and dance, these fun and challenging classes are a great addition to your regular fitness routine and, if attended in addition to your regular curriculum classes, may help you progress through the levels faster.  Not all non-curriculum classes use the poles or aerial apparatus.  Non-curriculum classes include Acro Yoga Fit, Ballet Barre Fusion, Chair Fit Cabaret, Fit and Flexy, Fit to Fly (Aerial Conditioning), Just Dance, Pole Condition and Sculpt, Shut up and Dance, Pole Practices and Aerial Open Gyms.  

You do not need to be a pole or aerial curriculum student to join most of these classes.  Some classes may be periodically added that will have curriculum level pre-requisites for the safety and enjoyment of all participants.  Special equipment/accessories may be required or recommended for some of these classes such as running shoes, knee protectors, leg warmers or tights, high heeled shoes, etc.  Please check the class description and special instructions when registering for a class for the first time so you can be prepared.


PLEASE NOTE: Students must register for all classes for a curriculum sessions offered within a term (usually 8 weeks), even if you are purchasing a monthly membership.  Registering for all classes of the session ensures that all students and members are given a guaranteed spot in their weekly class of choice (same day and time each week for the duration of the term). We ask that students wait until the first day of the session to manage their cancellations and make-up registrations for the duration of the session.  This applies only to curriculum classes.