Private Lessons and Classes

Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Private (1 student) and Semi-private (2 or 3 students) lessons are available by appointment. The lesson will be customized to suit your goals and fitness level and will go at your pace. A great way to focus on technique and perfect moves at your own convenience or to prepare for showcasing or competition.

Private Lessons (1 student, 1-hour lessons)

Single Lesson: $75/hour (1 month expiry)

Prepaid Package – 5 Private Lessons: $350.00 (3 month expiry)

Prepaid Package – 10 Private Lessons: $650.00 (6 month expiry)

Semi-private Lessons (2-3 students, 1-hour lessons)

Single Lesson: $50/person/hour (1 month expiry)

Prepaid Package – 5 Semi-Private Lessons: $225.00/person (3 month expiry)

Prepaid Package – 10 Semi-Private Lessons: $400.00/person (6 month expiry)


Limited weekday and weekend times available. Weeknight times are occasionally, but not consistently available.  Appointment availability is subject to change with instructor availability.

Please note, students are responsible for finding partners for semi-private lessons and coordinating booking times.


Private Group Curriculum Classes

PRICE: $240/person for 8 classes.

Minimum 4 students. Maximum number of student will depend on which type and level of curriculum class is being booked (pole, aerial, acro, and dance/choreography sessions all have different capacities)

Would you like to take our signature curriculum classes, but your schedule doesn’t allow for booking into our regular weekly class offerings? Have at least three friends who want to take classes with you and are in the same boat? Book a private curriculum class package and you will have the ability to plan your own schedule with your friends in our “off-schedule” hours (primarily weekdays and weekends). Besides our Pole and Aerials curriculums, we can also customize sessions in choreography/performance, acro yoga, and certain types of dance. The group will appoint one point person or “host” who will be authorized to make the scheduling arrangements and changes with the studio. The host is responsible for gathering the other participants and setting your schedule. Each person purchases a package, but the class is closed to only those you designate as part of your group. The package includes 8 1-hour classes, to be scheduled within a 3 month period, but they don’t have to be scheduled at the same time each week. All classes should be scheduled in advance. If any of your participants misses one of your scheduled classes, there may be an opportunity to make-up that class in one of our regular scheduled curriculum classes, space permitting. However this is not guaranteed and it is the responsibility of all members of the group to commit to attending all sessions as scheduled. Changes to your chosen schedule will require a minimum of 48 hours notice and can be made only by the designated host. Due to the highly customized nature of this package, all bookings must be done through our front desk team.